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Advisory Board Chair

Advisory Board Centre by Blueprint Business Solutions

Enabling business success: an independent strategic advisor to the board of directors

Blueprint Business Solutions provides personal support and independent advice as an Approved Advisor or Advisory Board Chair. We specialise as a family business advisor and business strategy advisor in Australia.

We have assisted many Boards, Directors and SME Owner Managers on a number of strategic projects and tactical advice as Board Advisor, either in the Board room, sub-committees or one-on-one forums.

We work actively in family and privately owned businesses and provide an independent and objective perspective on the strategic aspects of the business, while having the interpersonal skills, self awareness and insight to work effectively within these dynamics to develop the required collaboration.

We apply independent thinking and the courage to inquire and probe in areas needing attention based on the breath of our experience and understanding of risk while supporting a collaborative framework. We support the principle of separating the function of the Board from the Family Council, and the need for co-existence.

Our support program scope has included:​

  • Developing strategies and business plans for purchasing businesses, transitional plans and start-up ventures.

  • Contributing to developing sustainable business growth strategies.

  • Planning and implementation of M&A integration.

  • Preparation and development for capital raising.

  • Corporate governance and risk management reviews and supporting or implementing the framework.

  • Guidance in resolving Director disputes.

  • Develop strategies for turnaround plans and working through cash flow crisis challenges.

  • Ownership and succession planning.

  • Business closures and orderly shutdowns.

  • Process of successful voluntary administration and the required stakeholder management and communication.

  • Introductions to specialists to leverage from extensive network connections.

Business Strategy Advisor Australia by Blueprint Business Solutions
Advisory Board Chair by Blueprint Business Solutions

Advisory Board Centre Certified Chair since 2019


Fellow since 2011 - Member since 2003


Fellow since 2018

Advisory board resource - overview

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