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We focus the team and deliver

We proactively work through the process methodically, diagnosing the issues as a generalist and implementing solutions as a specialist. The approach is influenced by the scope, time pressures and clarity of the problem root causes. We may initially hover over business processes and drill down to rule in or out possible causes to determine severity and impact.

It is not uncommon for people to be focusing on the effects of a problem, but we apply the tools, techniques and the analysis to differentiate cause from effect, which provides the foundations for sustainable improvements.

For businesses in distress, some turnaround solution providers may introduce debtor finance, asset sales or mechanisms to improve working capital and cash flow. These may provide critical cash injection to buy time as a transitional solution, but the underlying cause has to be identified and resolved. We have developed check lists which we share to improve discovery and education.

We work with owners and directors at Board level and will assist to provide support to communicate with external stakeholders where required, to get buy in, support and negotiated solutions. This has included banks, creditors, financiers, lawyers, insurers and landlords.

We do not write detailed reports and leave you with the problem. We use our skills to identify, summarise and prioritise the action plans based on the discoveries and will develop visual tools and plans which are used to educate and guide stakeholders to a clear understanding of the path way forward.

We provide fit for purpose communication methods and we may use strategy maps, mind maps, flow charts, cause and effect diagrams and one page project plans where relevant, which are all used to put chaos into order. More complex issues may require more rigor to resolve and where relevant we will use collaboration techniques such as 5 Whys, 8D problem solving, forced ranking and ease versus impact matrix. These tools also avoid arguments and dominant personalities, with the aim of focusing all on the process, not the person. A recently completed project demonstrates some of these techniques in Project Blue with a $10M EBITDA improvement in 12 months.

As individuals, we have learned from the best in the world including the Toyota Production System, Lean Institute, Motorola's Six Sigma, SA Partner's Sustainable Lean, and developed an advanced insight working with Toyota, Nokia, ABB, NEC and Filtronic.

We support cross-functional teams and communication activities in implementing the solutions, and to assist participants to learn from the mistakes and more importantly to implement the solutions fast. These techniques have delivered remarkable and quick results and work effectively across all business functions - we are there to assist all stakeholders as they often have just as much at stake.

It is often said that business or improvement activities fail, not because the strategy was wrong, but because it was poorly implemented or not understood. Hence why we use these communication and coordination tools, internally and externally, to delivery sustainable fit for purpose outcomes. We are practitioners, not theorists, and we use the hearts and minds to deliver.

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