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Certified Chair

Advisory Board Centre by Blueprint Business Solutions

As a Certified Chair and Approved Advisor we work independently with the Advisory Board Centre standards and processes using the ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework.

The Advisory Board Centre supports businesses through effective, commercially focused board structures. We provide Advisory Board solutions to create healthy revenue streams and peace of mind for evolving organisations navigating change to achieve their strategic vision.

As a Certified Chair, we provide support through:

  • Board Starter Programs

  • Board Establishment

  • Board Management and Chair Services

We work with an exclusive, carefully selected team of Certified Chairs, Entrepreneurs, Approved Advisors and Recognised Experts in building tailored Advisory Boards for growing businesses. Our core capabilities stretch from commercially focused advisory board structures, expert advice and achieving personal and business goals.

The Advisory model is built on best practice, lowest cost and compelling customer value, and our peers are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to provide the Advisory Board Centre experience to more people in more markets.

We specialise in 3 key areas

Strategy Implementation

Growth Management

Business Restructuring

Business Strategy Advisor Australia by Blueprint Business Solutions
Advisory Board Chair by Blueprint Business Solutions

Advisory Board Centre Certified Chair since 2019


Fellow since 2011 - Member since 2003


Fellow since 2018

Advisory Board resource - overview

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