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Governance Risk Management and Compliance

Advisory Board Centre by Blueprint Business Solutions

Pragmatic goverance and risk mitigation strategies: navigating for sustainable solutions

Blueprint Business Solutions provides Governance and Risk Management services to private and family businesses in Australia to improve Board and Business improvement.

Our insights is guided by our first-hand experience as a Chair, Director or Board Advisor and extensive involvement with private company Boards.

Through our Director and Advisory experience, we work with Board and Directors to develop or improve their governance frameworks at practical and policy levels including:

  • Constitution

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Codes of Conduct

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Delegated Authorities

  • Board Meetings

  • Board Minutes & Action Plans

  • Board Charters

  • ​Shareholder engagement and procedural compliance including AGM’s, Special Shareholder Meetings, Shareholder updates.

  • Transition the Directors from an informal unstructured board forum to a proper formal board where the owner directors wish to put in place a proper Governance Board structure and oversight. This often evolves for succession planning purposes or position the business for sale or acquisitions, and / or capital raising.



We facilitate or work with Board environments to develop:

  • Strategic Plans and Goals

  • Succession Plans – for the owners, board or senior management

  • Prioritising for results – to align the Board, CEO and Management

  • Risk Management reviews and develop practical mitigation plans

  • Change Management programs including process or technology changes

  • Improving Board and CEO performance and alignment

We also assist Boards Directors, business owners and private shareholders when in distress, conflict, deadlock or exposed to dysfunctional behaviour and unable to align due to the circumstances. We assist these events by providing:

  • Role clarity

  • Stakeholder mapping and relationships

  • Identifying and prioritising options and pathways for resolution

  • Education and influence

  • Conflict resolution or mediation support

  • Behavioural assessments 

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