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Case Study -
Project Gold

The Business: Revenue $20M, customised decorative building panel manufacturer and supplier - make to order, 4 BU's.

The Brief: As Project Manager and Board Advisor provide part time hands-on support to assist transition exit planning of Executive Directors including development of knowledge based systems for handover and general business improvement support.

Background: A well established business was in transition of the Executive Directors moving out of managing the business and backfilling their roles and needed assistance with succession plans and recruiting for a General Manager, Production Manager and Sales Manager. To also assist the transition, a number of key knowledge points and manual processes need to be documented to assist hand-over and replaced with more efficient systems, e.g. product costing and pricing process.

As part of the review, improvements in correcting the P&L design and validating hourly rates to align with the costing process have been identified and improved, and had contributed to some low margin product pricing decisions.

Acting as an expert Excel business process modeller, we developed efficient and reliable product costing models with additional automated features to assist sales and production processes and freight calculations, and removing process costing error risks. Key intelligence such as processing speeds, resources, material compatibility and flow charts have been documented and developed.

PACE Outcome Assessment.
Using a Problem, Assessment, Corrective Action, and End Results framework, the review of the project headlines are:

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