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Interim Management

Advisory Board Centre by Blueprint Business Solutions

Derisk your transition with our Interim project manager capabilities

Blueprint Business Solution offers reliable Interim Management solutions in Australia.

We are highly experienced leaders and managers and have applied these skills in Interim Management roles as Chief Restructuring Officer, MD, CEO, GM or Project Director. This has built on our career experience across multiple industries and business cycles. These interim executive roles have varied from 2 to 18 months - all assignments have had specific objectives to be achieved.

In Interim assignments, we are project-focused results-driven and provide the flexibility, capability and expertise to delivery solutions.

The roles have been mission critical, strategic and operationally focused and assignments have included:

  • Developing and implementing strategies in turnarounds (largest successful project was an ASX200 manufacturing division, 9 sites, $110M, 450 staff).

  • Business growth through integration via mergers and acquisitions (M&A's) and business units and resolving outstanding integration issues, including capital raising and business relocation and standardization and integration of financial and IT systems.

  • The orderly sale of assets and inventory in the retail sector across 40 national sites as a Board decision to opt out, while maximising returns to stakeholders.

  • Business and assets sales which were vital to company continuance and protecting the personal wealth of the founders, and preserving jobs and unique intellectual property. In one example this included transitioning the business through voluntary administration and handover to the new shareholders.

  • Supporting and guiding developing managers in improving project management practices, problem solving techniques, product costing reviews, and product portfolio reviews.

Recent Assignments


Interim Managing Director
Interim  GM
Interim Manufacturing Manager
Interim General Manager
Interim General Manager
Interim CEO


Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

Retail Outdoor Apparel and Hiking Equipment

Building Truss, Glass and Aluminium Products

Vehicle Customisation for Construction Safety

ASX Waste Equipment Manufacturer

Beverage Manufacturer and Distributor

Scope / Objective

Business restructuring and relocation

Restructuring, orderly scale down of 40 sites, IP & asset sale Operational Improvements, customer service improvements

Mitigate director liabilities, restructuring and sale

Post M&A integration of 9 SME businesses, Turnaround

Turnaround, new product launch, margin improvements


Member since 2009


Fellow since 2013

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